Book Inspiration


I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t have a favorite blanket, binky, blankie, silky or just plain old stuffed animal.

For my daughter Amelia it was just that, a stuffed animal, affectionately and simply named, ‘Monkey’. Her twin brother Samuel had one or two here and there but never quite the same.

It wasn’t just a phase that Amelia was going through with Monkey, it was so much more than that. Even now, as a teenager, her connection with Monkey is as strong as ever. She still travels with him, sleeps with him and includes him in our daily life. He really is an integral part of our family.

The connection she has forged with Monkey for more than a decade was the inspiration for me to write this series of children’s picture books. Their connection has been all about faith, all about trust, and most importantly all about love.

Their worlds collided when Amelia was just two years old.

From that day onward she has never travelled a single journey without him. From London to New York to Los Angeles. From France and Italy, to Buenos Aires and Bora Bora. Monkey is one well traveled companion.

Amelia and Samuel
Amelia with Monkey, and her brother Samuel
Monkey and Amelia
Any parent worth their salt will understand how unbelievably critical it is that the beloved comforter of choice does not, ever, ever, leave the sight of their angels.

Because as we very well know, if it does … well, lets just leave it at that.

Monkey was clearly unaware of the duty he had to Amelia as her comforter. As we traveled to some of the most exciting cities in the world, Monkey took it upon himself to venture off into the the wilderness, leaving Amelia hysterical and traumatized.

As her mummy, of course, it was my job to fix it. And so we searched, and retraced our steps, and each and every single time, he would show up. Hallelujah, one of the more repeatable words that springs to mind.

I remember as clear as day saying to Amelia and Samuel, “We should write about all these adventures that Monkey has taken himself on over the years”.

They couldn’t agree more.

Fast forward 7 years, Amelia and Samuel enter 6th Grade. We are introduced to an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico. Every Christmas the Middle school families are assigned a child at the orphanage to donate a box of gifts to. We shopped, we wrapped, we labelled the gifts for the ‘orphan’ assigned to us and packed them up with love.

A week before Christmas the 8th Grade students take a bus across the border to Tijuana and deliver the gifts in person.

WOW. What a humbling experience and such a gracious act of love. My heart was bursting, it made me so emotional to think about the joy our gifts would bring these beautiful souls who have absolutely nothing.

To see how much joy this act of kindness brought them made me realize there had to be more we could do.

Then it clicked, the light bulb moment. I realized the Monkey and his adventures, the book series I had yet to write, would be the perfect platform for raising money to help these children and to support the earth angels who are giving their time, energy and love to them, every single day.

Please join us and help support the Casa Hogar Sion orphanage.