“To see how much joy this simple act of kindness brought to the orphans made me realize there had to be more we could do.” – Jessica

monkey at the pool
monkey in the sun
monkey at the computer


This book is a story about an orphan. It is a magical tale of connection and trust, but most importantly, LOVE.

Monkey is an orphan. He is an orphan with a dream, a wish and a belief in magic. Monkey has a burning desire to love and be loved.

Amelia is a little girl with a dream and also believes in magic. She has a twin brother, Samuel, a loving mother and a wonderful gift. She has so much love to give, it shines out of her eyes like sparkly moonbeams, it is a gift that is destined for someone very special. When their two worlds collide, the connection is magnetic.

The stories range from a fun-fair in a leafy suburb of London to The Statue of Liberty. From the Empire State Building to the Hollywood sign. From the Griffith Observatory to Buckingham Palace.

Monkey’s search for his ‘real’ family serendipitously culminates at an unexpected destination, Casa Hogar Sion, an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico.

Based on real life events, I was inspired to write this series of picture books, after seeing the incredible connection between my daughter Amelia and her stuffed animal, Monkey.

This book is dedicated to children around the world who, through no fault of their own, have been left without parents, without a family, without love. Fifty percent of the proceeds from the sale of every ‘Wishes Do Come True’ book will directly benefit the children at Casa Hogar Sion Orphanage through the Faithfully Yours Foundation.

Every single child on this planet deserves love, every single child deserves an education and every single child deserves a chance to shine and realize their dreams.

My hope is to inspire these children to realize that no matter how afraid, how lonely or how helpless they may feel, just have faith, just trust and remember that you are loved.

You are special, you matter, you are loved.



Over the past decade, Jessica has raised her twin children transatlantically as a hands on, fully committed mummy.

The experiences, the challenges and the life lessons that this brought, along with the ups and downs and the bumps in the road, have taught her many things.

The most significant of these? Learning to follow her dreams and finally pursue her passions in life, helping children, writing, travel, education and love. Jessica is a dreamer. A believer. A lover of life in a Universe of stars.

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